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Bluebird Trail 2018 Summary

The Shenandoah Audubon/Blandy Bluebird Trail celebrated completion of 15 years of consecutive data collection and reporting this past season. Thirty-six trained trail technicians monitored nesting and reproductive activity for 132 nestboxes over a period of 24 weeks, March 23 through September 1. Trail data was submitted to the Virginia Bluebird Society and Cornell Lab of Ornithology's NestWatch, a citizen science program. This was our first season to participate with and submit data to Sparrow Swap, a research project of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, North Carolina.

To the 2018 team of trail technicians who continually brought their time and energy, along with their attention-todetail and willingness-to-do attitudes to the project, I offer my sincere heartfelt appreciation; Judy Aaron, Roger Aaron, David Borger, Jill Butler, Brenda Chapin, Luciana Codella, Glenny Comer, Dana Crone, Leah Delong, B.J. Ferguson, Cheryl Ferguson, Ed Ferguson, Susan Galbraith, Tanya Godfrey, Richard Hampton, John Hickerson, Mary Ann Kirkpatrick, Chris Lewis, Pam Luttrell, Marie Majarov, Milan Majarov, Dennis McLoughlin, Mary Carolynn McLoughlin, A n d y Miller, Margie Miller, Jessica Oplak, Joanne Ridings, Janet Rigoni, Mary Keith Ruffner, Angela Schwarzkopf, Diane Sheehey, Deb Teates, Tim Teates, Jim Windmiller and Zita Zduoba.

Please see the newsletter insert, “Data Comparison Table - Time Period 2004 - 2018” for trail data results. If you are interested in participating with the Shenandoah Audubon/Blandy Bluebird Trail for the upcoming 2019 Season, please contact Ms. Kaycee Lichliter, trail manager, at k a y c e e l i c h l i t e r @ h o t m a i l .com for details. Trail technician workshops are scheduled to be held in early March and pre-registration is required.

By Kaycee Lichliter, Trail Manager

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