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  • Kaycee Lichliter

Red-headed Woodpeckers Nest in Bluebird House

We were ecstatic to learn that a Red-Headed Woodpecker (RHWO) used one of our Eastern Bluebird nest box this past season. In doing our monitoring, we found two beautiful pink eggs laying on the sawdust covered floor. We quickly closed and secured the nest box door and moved away from the immediate nest box area. Using binoculars, we observed the area for approximately 45 to 60 minutes. We observed the woodpecker as it flew from an oak to nearby conifer trees. Before we ended our observations for the day, the woodpecker was noted to return to the nest box.

Please click the link to read this fascinating report!

Red-headed Woodpecker Nests in an Eastern Bluebird House at Blandy Experimental Farm 1
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